Login info sent to all groups

All groups should now have received login info for the new web pages. There is also a link to the guide lines and manual on the FB group BSI Hovedstyret + Ledere. Please check this page and your email.

It is nice if you take the time to
* Write a post about having new pages
* Change the page “Rules of the game” to describe your own sport and not Lacrosse. Please use the page as a template regarding descriptive image etc.* Add a list of members and the board
* Create a sub gallery and add some images

Remember: The page supports both Norwegian and English. In the editor window you will see two flag buttons above the title. Use this and write in both languages if possible. If you do not command both languages, please get a fellow member to help.

Please give feedback on the user manual, and let me know if you run into problems.